Uluwatu Dreams Come True

Warong Tagerd

The first time I stayed in Bali, it was at Anantara Vacation Club Seminyak Bali. As it was my first time in the country, I spent most of my time running around exploring and trying to see all of the island. This time, I decided I wanted to relax and enjoy more “me” time, so I chose to stay at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

Starting with the hotel transfer from the airport, the pickup was done well and helps keep you chilled out after a long flight. The hotel about one hour away from the airport, which is great if you want to stay away from the more crowded areas and enjoy a relaxing time on your own.

Once you arrive at the resort, be prepared for a bit of a walk up the front stairs to the reception, but don’t worry, you’ll be luggage-free. The check in is nicely done, with a refreshing welcome drink and cold towel offered before you are escorted up to your room. The rooms are well-spread out, so you may have to walk a bit, but it’s nice to get some exercise and take in the views around the resort.

My room was very spacious and well-arranged, as per Anantara’s standards. I love the small local touches they always have in the room. It’s almost like you don’t have to leave room to know which country you’re in. The bathroom and all essential amenities are also ready for your use. With an outdoor bathtub on the balcony, you can chill out in a hot bath, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a nice book with endless views of the ocean. What else could you possibly need for some “me” time, right? The bed also provides the best sleep imaginable whenever you need. There’s nothing quite like an endlessly enjoyable sleep in a good bed while on holiday.

Don’t forget to check out the restaurants in the resort. They provide local, international and even Japanese food. My personal favourites are the local restaurants with live music at sunset. I highly recommended that you stop by for a bite and enjoy the small live bands playing later into the night. They will even try to sing songs per your request!

If you want to experience even more of Bali’s unique culture, don’t miss the daily Uluwatu temple trips, with transfers available from the hotel, and enjoy a spectacular sunset as you watch a traditional Kecak dance performance. The driver was very helpful as he explained the history and guided me through the temple. You can also take some time to enjoy exploring on your own.

As mostly I just wanted to rest and relax, I stayed at the resort for most of my time. The spa with Anantara’s signature treatments can definitely help to relax you even further. I love the Anantara signature massage, and I always get the same treatment back at home in Bangkok. I enjoyed the treatment in Uluwatu as much as I do back at home. 

If you want to capture some of your more memorable moments, the resort also provides an on-site photographer for you. It’s perfect for everyone from honeymoon couples to families with children, or even just a solo traveler such as myself. The session took about 1 hour and the photos were magnificent. It’s definitely another must-do activity.

During my stay, the staff was very helpful and attentive, as always. They are really willing to help you and accommodate all of your needs. I always felt welcome whenever I walked around the resort as I received friendly greetings and smiles from all of the staff. Whenever I had any questions or problems, they were willing to help me to find the best solution. They never disappointed me, from the start until the end of my trip. Thank you to everyone at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort for making this trip another great trip for me. I sure will be sure to visit you again sometime soon!


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