Maldives Memories: A Wedding To Remember

Chen-Yu Huang

Many people are attracted to the Maldives' crystal clear waters and luxurious over water bungalows. Yet, a trip to Maldives is never as simple as, 'pay and go'. They say, “if you love someone, bring them to the Maldives, and if you hate that person, ask them to choose an island”.

I didn’t understand this until I decided to have our wedding in the romantic Maldives. Why? Because you have to choose your island and resort from hundreds of options! Most of the islands have their own pros and cons, and of course, you need to balance between budget and quality. When it came to selecting one for my marriage, I really wanted everything to be perfect. I read all the reviews online for every single island in the Maldives, and I even created an Excel spreadsheet to document and compare!

Some islands, I found I wanted to avoid. Mosquitoes, bad food, minimal privacy, damaged coral, or lack of activities were all things we were looking out for. After many days and nights of hard work, Anantara Veli seemed like the needle in the haystack. It was absolutely beautiful, with good food (which can be rare at many of the Maldives' resorts), a good spa, helpful staff, and it even has its own sister island, Anantara Dhigu, to explore if you run out of things to do on Veli. Most importantly, Anantara Veli Maldives provides excellent wedding services.

We landed on Anantara Veli the day before our wedding day. It was like a dream that had come to life. We landed over turquoise waters, and received a warm welcome ceremony and tasty welcome drink from the resort. We checked in to our Ocean Pool Bungalow, pleasantly surprised by the spacious rooms and high ceilings. We could enjoy long soaks in a over-sized tub, and relax and refresh in a blissful outdoor rain shower. On our wedding day, we awoke to beautiful ocean panoramas, and watched the sun rise from our private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. It was awesome!

Our sunset wedding went exactly as planned. We presented our vows under a floral arch and signed a wedding certificate as the sun set and the waves lapped against the shore. It was an amazing experience, and everything was captured by the resort's professional photographers, capturing our special moments so that they may live forever.

A year later, for our wedding anniversary, my husband gave me a cake decorated with the scene of our Maldives wedding! It was a great reminder of a very special day that we will never forget.

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