The Anantara Vacation Club Experience: An Insider’s Review

Cheng Soi Lai

My husband and I joined Anantara Vacation Club in 2012. We are both retirees.  We always dreamed of spending our golden years travelling leisurely and seeing the world together. Anantara Vacation Club came at just the right time when we were both reaching our retirement age.  After learning more about the Club and its benefits, we decided to become Club Points Owners.

Owners standing next to the sea

From the moment we joined, there was no stopping us. In 2017, we upgraded from Elite Jade to Elite Diamond. And why wouldn’t we? We have experienced so many unforgettable memories during our many stays at the various Anantara properties. Each one has always been fantastic, and the impeccable services have been consistent across the properties.

Owner with resort staff

As for the Anantara Vacation Club staff, they have been warm, friendly and always helpful. Everyone from the managers to cleaners are very polite, and never failed to greet you whenever we passed by them. It’s always so heart-warming! Often when we are staying at an Anantara property, when we step into our room we are greeted by a welcome note and a basket of fruits. It’s very sweet of them.

Owners taking in the view overlooking the sea

When it comes to comfort, nothing rivals the Anantara Vacation Club experience. There is a large variety of pillows for you to choose from, ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep.  Don’t forget to enjoy the sweets they leave for you on the pillow before you fall asleep!

Owner riding bicycle through town

Getting around the properties is easy, as Anantara Vacation Club also provides complimentary shuttles or bicycles for their guests. This extra service makes the guests’ stay at the resorts much more convenient and enjoyable.  Thank you Anantara Vacation Club.

Owners enjoying dinner with wine

Last, but certainly not least, is the food! Breakfast at the resorts offers a huge variety of international cuisine, with both local and international delights to cater to your taste buds.  And let’s not forget about the bars for you to hang out at and relax.

Owner playing with elephant

Overall, we are really pleased with our Club membership, and are happy to share our Anantara Vacation Club reviews. It’s been a fantastic experience so far, and it seems to only be getting better. Thank you Anantara Vacation Club!

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