A Family Escape to Luang Prabang

Sylvia Swee Lee


We had a wonderful trip to Luang Prabang on our last holiday, and it gave us some much needed family bonding time. As our boys are now all grown up and are spending more time with their work and own activities, it’s always special when we can spend quality time together and catch up. Organising this trip was a challenge, and agreeing on the dates and destination took some time. The planning involved a few discussions, some rescheduling of work calendars, and the deciding of activities we wanted. That being said, one thing was clear from the beginning, it had to be with Anantara Vacation Club.

Anantara Vacation Club has given our family countless unforgettable memories, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to be Club Points Owners. All of the properties we’ve stayed at have been amazing, and Avani+ Luang Prabang is no exception. It’s an excellent resort that offers peace and tranquillity coupled with personalised services, yet is located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s 5-star in terms of service, staff and the quality of amenities within the resort.

Throughout our stay, the resort staff provided suggestions and advised us according to our varied interests. One particular staff member, named Duangdee, stood out amongst the rest. He volunteered to accompany one of my sons on a hike through Nong Khiaw village up to the 360-degree viewpoint. And he did it on his day off! We were deeply touched by his kind gesture. Later, on the morning of our day trip to Kuang Si waterfall, the staff even prepared towels and cold drinks in a cooler for everyone.

Alms giving is a longstanding tradition in Laos’ Buddhist culture, and the hotel makes arrangements for any resort guests who are interested. In the early morning, the kitchen staff prepared sticky rice in a Laotian basket for us, and the reception laid out cushions for us to kneel on. They also helped us to put on scarves as a show of respect for the monks who were coming by to receive their food. It’s a very peaceful and spiritual ceremony, with locals and tourists kneeling together quietly along the streets to give alms.


Towards the end of the trip, we were given a complimentary Mekong Kingdom Sunset Cruise. It was another highlight of our trip. The cruise was simple, clean and comfortable. We were welcomed on board with cold towels to freshen up, refreshing welcome drinks and later we were served a variety of delicious canapés and freshly cut local fruits – all in the typical Anantara style. As we sat upon cushions on stylish lounge chairs, the scene on the majestic Mekong River was incredible. As we floated down the river, we were greeted by the sights of fishermen on long-tail boats, rustic houses along the river banks and the setting sun bearing down upon us. What an unforgettable journey.

It’s easy to go on and on, as the entire experience felt like one endless personalised service one after another. But overall, all we can say is that it was a fantastic and memorable journey, and it all truly began with Anantara Vacation.

A BIG thank you goes out to everyone at Anantara Vacation Club and Avani+ Luang Prabang! We’ll see you next time!

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