General FAQs

What is Shared Vacation Ownership?

Shared Vacation Ownership is known by many names, including fractional ownership, timeshare, residence or holiday clubs and more. Anantara Vacation Club offers the ability to purchase a flexible points-based package that allows you to book holidays in some of the world's most luxurious places, at a one-time fixed price.

How do my Club Points translate into valuable experiences?

The number of Club Points you purchase determines the length of stay, size of accommodation and time of year you can use your Points. There are numerous additional benefits which make your holidays easier to plan and more enjoyable, as well as exclusive discounts on goods and services. In short, your Club Points allow you to purchase luxury holiday accommodation in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, accompanied by a wealth of privileges, extending for generations to come.

Where can I holiday?

Click here to view the full options available to Anantara Vacation Club Points Owners.

What is the Preview Presentation?

We’ve found that the most effective way to divulge all the benefits of an Anantara Vacation Club Points Ownership is through a face to face meeting with one of our Vacation Consultants. Our highly trained staff can help you to determine if a Club Points Ownership is right for you, and assist in designing the perfect plan to suit your holiday needs.

While considering all the information gathered during your interactive meeting, you will receive an Anantara gift as an expression of our heartfelt appreciation for your valuable time. Please see the Special Offers section or Contact Us for more details.

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