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Why Choose Anantara Vacation Club?

When you join Anantara Vacation Club, you make a one-time purchase to receive your annual Club Points. After being deposited into your account, your Club Points can be used as a form of “holiday currency,” to pay for accommodation, and other benefits.

The Anantara brand celebrates the journey of life and puts the sense of anticipation and excitement back into the world of luxury travel and hospitality. With Club Points, the more you have, the longer you can stay, and the more access you will have to Club Points Owner privileges and benefits.

6 Reasons to become a Club Points Owner


With Anantara Vacation Club, you can always choose when, where, and how long you stay. Your Ownership Tier allows you to book in advance, any time of year, at a highly sought-after destination, helping you to secure the perfect getaway for you and your family.


The number of Club Points required to stay at our luxurious Club Resorts will never increase. With a Club Points Ownership, you can guarantee yourself substantial savings on holiday accommodation for years to come.


Plan your vacation around your life, not the other way around. Your Club Points can always be saved and borrowed from one year to the next, giving you the freedom to design a vacation that perfectly fits your needs. You can borrow Club Points from the upcoming year, or even extend your holiday time. Enjoy the freedom to use your Club Points whenever and however you want, or share them with your friends and family!


Take advantage of the opportunity to explore and discover stunning destinations worldwide. With Anantara Vacation Club, you can embark on exciting adventures and build memories that will last a lifetime. Together, with your family, you can create your own amazing travel tales with every stay.


Visit some of the world’s most spectacular and exotic destinations, without giving up the amenities and comforts of home. You can treat yourself to high-end, luxurious resorts and hotels that offer only the highest standards of accommodation, relaxation, and fine dining.


Life is full of surprises. Find peace of mind, knowing that you always have the flexibility to book in advance, to reschedule or to cancel your booking. When life gets in the way, you can rely on Anantara Vacation Club.

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