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Maurizio has spent the last 20 years setting up, turning around and spearheading commercial organizations throughout several countries in Europe and the Middle East. With a broad range of experience, ranging from manufacturing to consumer finance, Maurizio has worked for the past 12 years as an executive in the vacation ownership industry, managing teams of over 400 associates and delivering results in complex and diverse environments.

Maurizio joined Anantara Vacation Club in the second quarter of 2016 to grow and strengthen the Anantara Vacation Club team, as well as drive the Club's expansion and market diversification in the coming years.




With years of experience in the financial sector, Howard has established himself as a powerful asset to Anantara Vacation Club. As a seasoned professional, he has held roles with the managerial and executive teams of some of the most globally recognised multi-billion dollar brands, including Senior Vice President of Finance & IT for Coca-Cola in Tokyo, and Chief Financial Officer of a USA-based hospitality company, responsible for looking after revenues in excess of 750 million dollars. 

Howard oversees the fiscal responsibilities of Anantara Vacation Club, utilising his 25 years of experience in Asia and 25 other countries. In this role, he has helped to sustain a smooth-running and financially capable company that invests and promotes the interests of shareholders and Club Points Owners.


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